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Bread used for a toast or a sandwitch,each country has different type of bread.
It means white bread baked in the mold in Korea.

It has an open top type(British) baking the top swollen and a flat top type(America) baking it with the lid covered.

Also, it has lean type making with almost no additional sugar, milk and presevation mixture for a toast.
And rich type with many other mixtures called American type for sandwich.

European hard bread be softened after spead to England, and then after going around in America it became rich type to be well-preserved.

The bread varies widely with all different names putting in other materials like milk bread, butter bread, corn bread, wholewheat bread, rice bread, oatmeal bread, barely bread, rye bread, raisins bread, sweat potato bread, potato bread, spinach bread, carrot bread, etc.